Journal Entry 1 – Introduction

Alright, so I just downloaded Cube World and am installing the DirectX components, so this may be a short Journal entry. I originally had elaborate plans to work on all sorts of graphics stuff tonight. So – here are my screens right now!


Exciting, looks like Cube World will be ready to go. However, this Journal is not about Cube World, it’s actually about the development of my own Voxel engine. Yes, this was spurred on by my wait for Cube World (which had a fairly unfortunate launch – but hey! It’s an alpha version). I’ve always wanted to build a Harvest Moon sort of game, and I’m thinking that this Voxel style would be cool. I then talked to a good friends of mine, @smithbower, and found out he has recently been interested in doing SSAO and other shader effects in a Voxel engine, but hasn’t had the engine to use. Well, doesn’t that just work out perfectly?

The current developer tally lists me (@_giawa_) for coding, @smithbower for GLSL shaders and some dungeon work, Barry for some of the random computational stuff, and possibly Lizzie, JD, Marie and Morgan (haven’t told her yet!) for art. I’ll start with just a basic Voxel engine and editor, which will get @smithbower to the point where he can begin with his shader stuff. We’re using C# and a custom OpenGL library that is cross platform. Coupled with OpenAL we should be able to target all systems from one binary (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). Of course, this will open us up to decompiling the binaries, but that’s okay! I’m going to share most (if not all) of the source code anyways.

After a few minutes of fleshing out the details, I decided to do what I always do, and opened up my trusty IDE and got to work. Sure, I’ve been delayed due to life, beach, sun, but you only live once, right? Anyways, who cares about all of that. You want code! Well, here’s what I have so far!


And then the rest of the night was wasted to Cube World. Yikes!

Later that night: OK, I have to at least create a window (using Tao.FreeGlut).

Glut.glutInitDisplayMode(Glut.GLUT_DOUBLE | Glut.GLUT_DEPTH);
Glut.glutInitWindowSize(1280, 768);
Glut.glutCreateWindow("Summer Dawn");

And with that, the first ever Summer Dawn window was created. So much for my uber-productive night. I’m hoping tomorrow and future nights will be more fruitful. Cheers,


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